Our company “Potting” is specialized in the implementation of tarpaulins  for all kinds of trucks. During the manufacturing process we pay special attention to the quality of installed material as well as to the details of the production, which  both make the final product perfect.

For each order, we try to adapt in detail to the customer's requirements and offer only the best with a large selection of various built-in components. This brings us closer to the uniqueness and suitability of the product for each individual customer.

Our tarpaulins are made of high-strength polyester fabrics, which have the special feature of having a minimum stretch value. Moreover, the latest coating technology ensures high durability of the tarpaulin's color shades.

We perform protective tarpaulins for new vehicles as the first installation and also renovation of older vehicles and trailers.

Tarpaulins are also an extremely interesting and durable advertising medium, which is why many companies use it as an advertising space, as it is a unique and most favorable way of advertising due to its stability and mobility.

We have all the necessary technology and knowledge to implement a variety of graphics on truck tarpaulins. For simple forms of inscriptions, we use the classic screen printing technique with which we achieve over 15 years of stability of print. For full color photography and more demanding designs, we use a solvent digital printer with highly durable colors. Special protection is provided by strong UV-resistant varnishes.


Our advantage according to our regular customers:

  • Strict fulfillment of agreed deadlines
  •  Guaranteed and certified quality of products and installed goods
  •  Flexibility, speed, competitiveness
  •  Our own production  -  advantage in the development, testing and consulting on the usability and functionality of a new membrane product.
  •  An innovative team - challenges are their work- motivation.
  •  Years of experience in all types of technical membrane fields.
  •  International service- team.